Making a race car gets turned into music (with a dance video bonus)

(CBS News) I've come to the conclusion that any process can be made into music with the right editor at work. We've seen it done with a person who lacks musical ability. We've seen it done with power tools. We've seen it done at a dry cleaners. And while could I go on, the question comes down to this: does it ever get old? And the answer is: never! Seriously, who could get enough of the everyday turned into amazing music? So watch it unfold with the creation of a race car above.

The super slick manufacturing-turned-into music video was posted by Red Bull Racing who write:

The Formula One team, Red Bull Racing, based in Milton Keynes UK, show how to build a Formula One car creating 'The Rhythm of the Factory - RB9'

And because we're throwing out music in this post, I feel like we should probably add a little dancing into the mix. So go ahead and watch Marquese Scott, who has been featured on The Feed many times now, defy the laws of physiology and physics with his latest work below.