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Flashback: Lasse Gjertsen proves editing skills outweigh musical talent

(CBS) - As a blogger I pride myself on bringing you amazing viral videos before they go viral, but on this post I want to kick it "old school" and pay tribute to a viral video artist that truly blew me away. A young Norwegian editor and animator by the name of Lasse Gjertsen put out the above video back in 2006 that showed amazing editing skills could compensate for a lack of musical talent. In the video, entitled "Amateur", he plays drums followed by piano with no experience or talent in either - keep watching, the results are mind-blowing! 

Below I've included a follow-up attempt by Gjertsen where he attempts to beatbox - once again you will be truly impressed. If you've seen these before, they will be a great flashback video to watch and listen to again. If you've never seen them before, prepare to be blown away by them both.

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