Make-Up Mom A YouTube Sensation

Lauren Luke may not be a household name yet, but to 34 million YouTube viewers she is much more.

CBS News correspondent Richard Roth took a closer look at the British Internet sensation.

In the 18 months she's been doing this -- talking to the camera as if it's a girlfriend and sharing make-up tips with a few million strangers, the 27-year-old has become one of the hits of YouTube.

A single mother from Northeast England, she quit her job as a taxi dispatcher, and started selling make-up on Ebay. When buyers began asking for help, she began giving lessons.

Her YouTube channel is now among the most popular on the Web - ranked ahead of Barack Obama, National Geographic, and even CBS.

The amateur look is not just appealing; it's authentic.

She says she doesn't know how to edit video. And didn't take a make-up lesson until after she had become an Internet celebrity.

Luke says that her on-camera self-assurance masks a self-confidence crisis she faced in school, when she was bullied for her looks and her weight. Now, her home-grown talent is turning into a business.

The YouTube sensation sat down with Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen to share her make-up tips, her new Web site and her newfound success. Click Play to watch the interview: