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Make a Free Conference Call With Up To 10 People

You know how we were promised "post-partisan politics," but Washington appears to be more divisive than ever? In much the same way, e-mail has offered to make us "post-telephone." Yet you probably still need to call people all the time. You might be interested to know that I've got a speed dial on my mobile phone that automatically conference calls a team of eight people. And you can get the same thing: A free service that conferences up to ten people for you automatically.

Call My Team is a Web site that lets you configure a conference call with up to 10 attendees. You'll get a phone number and 5-digit code to enter from your own phone; just dial and all of your attendees are automatically pinged.

The system works really well. When attendees answer the phone, they hear the name of the conference call group, and they're automatically added to the call. Anyone can drop off -- even the person who originated the call -- and the conference continues until the last person hangs up.

It's free, and there's (currently) no advertising or any other annoyances. It just plain works. And since most cell phone plans limit you to 3-party calling, Call My Team is an awesome gap-filler which helps you talk to large groups of people easily and simply. [via MakeUseOf]

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