Lucy Hale details the coolest moment of her life

Most fans know Lucy Hale from her starring role as Aria Montgomery on ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars." After all, the 25-year-old actress has been on the series since it launched four years ago. But she also has another talent: singing.

"I've always in my heart felt like a singer, which led to acting -- so a singer who acted. I really did fall in love with acting afterwards," Hale told CBS News. "But to the rest of the world I'm an actor who has decided to sing."

For the Tennessee native, who once competed on the reality show "American Juniors," it's all about country music. Last month, Hale finally released her debut album, "Road Between," on Hollywood Records -- a set that was two and a half years in the making.

"I knew that when I released an album it had to be right. It had to feel right. So we really took our time to figure what we wanted to write about and what I wanted to say and kind of find my sound," Hale said.

But now that it's out, Hale couldn't be more thrilled. She recently performed at the Grand Ole Opry - something she considers the "coolest moment of my life." And she's eager to make a dent on the country scene. She filmed the video for her new single, "Lie a Little Better," at the Opry House, too.

Her latest venture into the country music world doesn't mean Hale is putting a hold on acting though. So "PLL" fans need not worry: "Pretty Little Liars" is smack dab in the middle of season 5 and recently got picked up for seasons 6 and 7.

"I knew that this was a special show -- between the cast and the crew and the writers," said Hale. "I knew that I was a part of something special, but never to the level that it's at. I'm just so grateful. I'm really really appreciative of the show and everything that it's allowed me to do..I consider it one of the best jobs in the world."

Check out the video above to see what's in store for "Pretty Little Liars" and what Hale has to say about all those pesky Internet rumors.