Losing it on 60 Minutes: the great "walk-offs"

See famous interview subjects rip off their microphones and storm off the "60 Minutes" set

60 Minutes: the great "walk-offs"

This week on the broadcast, correspondent Bob Simon experienced a classic "60 Minutes" moment: his interview subject suddenly stood up, pulled his microphone off, and walked off the set. With that, the interview was over. We call them "walk-offs" and these dramatic moments are practically a tradition here at "60 Minutes."

Watch Bob Simon's report.

In this video, compiled by "60 Minutes Overtime," you'll hear the back-stories of our favorite walk-offs from the past 40 years. In 2007, French president Nicolas Sarkozy stormed away and left Lesley Stahl asking, "Pourquoi?" Steve Kroft remembers a walk-off performed with "verve" by Russia's Minister of Atomic Energy and a funny attempted walk-off by Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, during a Mike Wallace interview.

You'll also see the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, former presidential candidate Ross Perot, and former Russian president Boris Yeltsin all stomp off in a huff.