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LogMeIn Express: Quick and Painless Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is awesome. For starters, it lets you demo software and services, give a tutorial, share a presentation, and so on. But it's also great for remote tech support, as controlling another user's PC is a hundred times more effective than trying to troubleshoot over the phone.

Remote-access giant LogMeIn just unveiled a fast, easy, and free way to share screens: LogMeIn Express. In fact, it's so easy that it might just edge out similar solutions like CrossLoop and TeamViewer.

Here's how it works: Without so much as signing up for an account, the host (or "sharer") heads to, clicks the Share button, then waits while a tiny app downloads and runs. (Nothing gets installed.)

That app generates a 12-digit code, which the host can e-mail or verbally provide to as many as 100 viewers ( "share-ees"?). These folks type the code into the View Another Screen filed and click View. Presto: A screen is shared. The host can also enable remote control for one-on-one support or collaboration sessions.

LogMeIn Express is currently in beta and free while it is. I'm not sure it'll remain free after, but I suspect it will. I ran a quick test of the service and it worked just fine, though the host app took a couple minutes to generate its access code -- most likely a beta glitch.

I usually turn to CrossLoop when I need fast and easy screen sharing, but it does require the host to install a small utility. Next time, I'll almost certainly try the Express train.