Local investigation round-up

CBS News Investigates Local Roundup
CBS News Investigates Local Roundup CBS

The best of our affiliates' investigations from around the country: Stalled ambulances in Memphis, hospital errors in Texas, problems with the Big Dig in Boston.

Parking Patients

Memphis (WREG)---When seconds can mean survival, you want paramedics and ambulances there to rush you to life-saving care. But the WREG "On Your Side Investigators" uncovered disturbing figures showing city ambulances stuck in park, off the streets, and out of service for hours.

Officials Were Warned About Big Dig Light Corrosion

Boston (WBZ)---After sifting through hundreds of Department of Transportation internal emails that were exchanged after a massive lighting fixture crashed down on the center lane of the tunnel back in February, the I-team discovered top state officials were warned of the problem even earlier than their own investigation revealed.

Texas Hospitals Required to Report Errors, But Patients Have Yet to See Results

Austin (KEYE)---Texas requires hospitals to report their medical errors, but patients have yet to see the results. KEYE-TV investigated what's causing the hold-up and how patients can help prevent future mistakes.

DPD Police Monitor Says Cops Won't Arrest Colleagues for DUI

Denver (KCNC)---Denver's police monitor has released an analysis concluding that Denver police officers have been routinely looking the other way for years, not arresting fellow officers when they catch each other driving drunk.