Listen: Lady Gaga releases "Applause" after song leaks

Lady Gaga, "ARTPOP"
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga officially released her new single, "Applause," on Monday, after the track leaked over the weekend.

The song wasn't expected out until Aug. 19, but Gaga issued a "pop music emergency," taking matters into her own hands by releasing it herself on Monday.

She tweeted: "Due to hackers, an abundance of low/high quality leaks... we issue this pop music emergency... monsters spread the word./ My new single 'Applause' is out today and can be heard on United States radio in 15 minutes. International radio to follow."

Prior to Monday's release, Gaga had posted a series of tweets, blasting "hackers" and "critics" after her song leaked, one of which noted: "Dont focus on ANY blogger criticism. I have been a producer/songwriter/musician for over 10 years. Trust the artist bloggers are not critics."

Gaga wasn't the only music artist who saw her song leak over the weekend; Katy Perry's new track, "Roar," also surfaced.

Gaga will perform "Applause" at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 25.  The song will appear on "ARTPOP," which will arrive on Nov. 11.

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