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Lisette Lee (PICTURE): Plane Lands in Ohio with 500 Pounds of Pot, Says DEA

Lisette Lee (Drug Enforcement Agency)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS/WBNS) Federal agents say they have arrested Lisette Lee after allegedly finding more than 500 pounds of marijuana in her luggage.

Federal Drug Enforcement Agency officials arrested the 28-year-old on Monday night, CBS affiliate WBNS reports, after a chartered jet landed at Port Columbus International Airport. .

Lee, from Beverly Hills, was flying from California to Columbus, Ohio when officials say they noticed she was traveling with a large amount of luggage.

The DEA in California tipped off officials in Columbus, and when the plane landed, agents were waiting as luggage, allegedly containing the marijuana, was loaded into three waiting vans, WBNS reports.

The DEA says the plane was carrying 13 bags of luggage.

According to WBNS, Lee told government agents she had no idea she was transporting drugs, but agents said they found cocaine and marijuana in her bag, along with a ledger that showed profits in excess of $300,000.

"She told investigators she was coming here to meet a boyfriend," Alverson said.

Lee claimed to DEA agents that she was an heir to the Samsung electronics fortune, a claim that Samsung denied in a statement.

"Contrary to some media reports, Lisette Lee is not an heiress of Samsung Electronics and is not a member of Samsung's Lee family," the statement read.

Lee arrived on a chartered Gulf Stream jet that cost $50,000 round trip.

She is being held without bond.

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