Links To The Beyond

Web Sports Wealth of Spirited Sites

The Web is chock full of sites devoted to every possible aspect of the world beyond. You'll find sites devoted to psychics, mediums, remote viewers, reincarnation, ghosts, ESP and regression therapy. (There are many, many psychic phone lines, which charge by the minute. Rest assured, we won't be linking to those.)

Below are a few sites to start you on your virtual tour of the world beyond.


George Anderson's Web Site: Featured on 48 Hours, George Anderson claims to serve as a mystical medium for the dead. Here he answers questions from people curious about their dead relatives and friends. There's also information about his world tour, and a biography; he was once an operator for the New York Telephone Co.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal: The site for this group is a great resource for paranormal activity, particularly for skeptics. It encourages critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims and provides wealth of related information.

ParaWeb Online: Providing an easily navigable breakdown of paranormal events, participants, and links, ParaWeb Online is a good source of information on such subjects as aliens, ghosts, psychics and UFOs. The site also has a comprehensive search function, enabling users to find the most specific facts.

Remote Viewing and Psychics

Annette Martin's Page: Annette Martin, who says she has helped police departments all over solve many crimes, has a page devoted to her career as a psychic. The page is a little outdated, which actually makes for interesting reading. Check out her predictions for 1998, and decide for yourself whether she has an ability to see into the future. Among her many predictions: "Many things that no longer work, in personal lives or social systems, fall away. Marriages that cannot be mended, end."

The Farsight Institute: This group is devoted to the concept of "scientific remote viewing," the ability to describe an event is occurring somewhere else. Skeptics will be skeptical of this page. According to the site, "Research at the Institute demonstrates that consciousness is more than a byproduct of the physical human nervous system, but rather eternal and unbounded in its nature."

Joe McMoneagle's Web Site: Featured on 48 Hours, Joe McMoneagle is an author and remote viewer who allowed 48 Hours Correspondent Harold Dow to test his extrasensory perception with the cameras rolling. His Web site provides a look at rmote viewing and a history of how he discovered his talents.

E.S.P. Research Online: Russell Targ is an author, physicist and remote viewer who has been testing his supernatural theories for more than 25 years. This Web site provides an look at his two books, The Heart of the Mind and Miracles of Mind, which he co-authored with Jane Katra.

Regression Therapy

Dr. Brian Weiss' Web Site: A psychiatrist and healer, the author of several bestselling books and featured on 48 Hours, Dr. Brian Weiss believes that with the help of hypnosis, people can access past lives. His site includes information about his schedule and the upcoming "Tahiti Voyage of Enlightenment," featuring not only Weiss, but James Van Praagh, another author who claims to be able to communicate with the dead.

Association for Past Life Research and Therapy: This site provides information about conferences, seminars and workshops. The association's Web site has a wealth of information and an archive of articles in the Journal of Regression Therapy.


McRaven House: Find out more about this supposedly ghostly, definitely historic, Vicksburg landmark.

Spirit: This is the site of a nationwide group of ghost hunters, with about 70 local chapters. The group tries to investigate ghost reports by "apply[ing] the principles of scientific reasoning to each of our investigations, and us[ing] the equipment of scientific experimentation to examine each area."

How to Create Fake Photos of Ghosts: And for all the skeptics out there, here's a site that might encourage their tendency not to believe in all this stuff. One paranormal fan has decided to let everyone in on his secrets. The key: Leave the shutter open for long periods of time. This creates all sorts of blurry, ghostly images.

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