Lindsey Sent Packing

Survivor: The Team In Africa -- Lindsey Richter
After a tie vote between Lindsey Richter and Tom Buchanan at tribal council, Lindsey, the 27-year-old former advertising account executive from Portland, Ore., was voted out of the Samburu tribe.

Lindsey split the initial vote with Tom Buchanan, and the subsequent revote resulted in a deadlocked tie. Lindsey became the sixth Survivor to be voted out of Africa because she had received votes at previous tribal councils, whereas Tom did not.

Chat With Lindsey
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Before the second and final vote, a teary-eyed Lindsey, who earlier had considered voting against one of her allies in a last-ditch effort to save herself, explained, "On the way here tonight, my dignity took over. I don't care if I am voted out tonight, because I didn't vote for a friend of mine [Brandon]. I am leaving with my pride."

Lindsey became the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Africa.

Lindsey's Final Words:

"Well, what can I say? Tonight's vote was a surprise. I thought that they would vote for Brandon, but to be honest, I had four votes stacked against me from a previous tribal council, and I was mentally prepared to go today.

"I feel like I played the game hard and to the best of my ability, and I contemplated for a few minutes today voting for Brandon to save myself just in case they were going to vote for me. I didn't, and that makes me more proud than any possible forward move in this game, because I'm leaving with my pride. Brandon has been loyal to me, and so has Kim, and they're dear, dear friends to me, and I can't even believe I contemplated even once voting for Brandon. I leave tonight with my dignity and my pride. I played the game to the best of my ability and I'm happy about the way things turned out.

"I honestly don't think I could have gone on much longer, because this game is a serious emotional roller coaster ride. I'm an athlete, I love to compete; I'm very competitive. I love to get down and dirty, and camp, and do all this rough stuff, but I'd much rather do it in a civilized environment where I'm not battling manipulation and backstabbing and malicious behavior. I don't like that aspect of this game at all. So I'm really, really excited that I had the opportunity tcome here. I was picked 16 out of 50,000 people. That's amazing! I've been given a gift: this opportunity to come to Africa and experience this place."

The Final Vote

First vote:
Lindsey Richter - 3
Tom Buchanan - 3

Second vote:
Lindsey Richter - 2
Tom Buchanan - 2

Tie breaker rule in effect. Lindsey voted out due to 4 previous votes against her.

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