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Leslie Jones to hackers: "If you want to see me naked, just ask"

“Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones can handle whatever internet trolls want to throw at her. 

She made that clear this weekend on “Saturday Night Live” during a lively segment on “Weekend Update.” During her editorial, Jones discussed her experience earlier this year when her website and Twitter account were hacked, resulting in nude photos of herself being stolen from her iCloud and posted online. 

“If you want to hurt anybody these days, you’re going to have to do way more than leak their nudes or call them names,” she said, adding emphatically that if anyone wants to see her naked, they should just ask her.

“I don’t know if you all know this about me, but I’m not shy,” Jones added. “You can’t embarrass me more than I’ve embarrassed myself.”

She also compared internet trolls unfavorably with dangers encountered in the real world -- like an irate woman attacking Jones with a shovel for taking her seat at a bus stop. “Now that’s a troll,” she said. 

“At a certain point, you stop being embarrassed and start being you,” she concluded. “I’ve spent 49 years being me, and the only person who can hack me is me.”

Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Being Hacked - SNL by Saturday Night Live on YouTube
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