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'Legally Blonde 2' Star Eyes Capitol

In "Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde," Harvard Law graduate Elle Woods puts on her pink pumps, goes to Washington to fight for animal rights and charms her way into the hearts of stuffy old guys and gals on the Hill.

Actress and producer Reese Witherspoon told The Early Show entertainment contributor Jess Cagle of People Magazine that making the film was an exercise in trying to be happy all the time.

Witherspoon says the movie sequel to "Legally Blonde" observes the next step in Elle Woods's life and the obstacles she will conquer.

"I wanted [the obstacle] to be some sort of big institution that seems impenetrable," she said. "[Washington D.C.] is so steeped in tradition and people who've been doing it for years and years, that it would be impossible for some young little woman to come in and revolutionize people's thinking."

But, that is exactly what Elle does. On the surface, the "Capitol Barbie" is a silly character — she's obsessed with fashion and loves to wear pink. But, she is a role model to some young girls that find the movie empowering.

"Even though [Elle] is girly and feminine and loves clothes, she's also very successful, and she's ambitious," explained Witherspoon. "She has drive and wants to achieve things … I think that sort of describes a modern woman.

"It's sort of the idea, I think, a lot of modern women have. That you don't want to be just the serious person, because you like to have your nails done, too … I think women understand that and identify with it."

Witherspoon said her character is also very positive and finds good in every bad situation.

In a time of a perceived disconnect between the public and government, Witherspoon said her film encourages the audience to realize that they too have a voice in policies that affects them.

Witherspoon said she try to make a summer movie that was fun, but had something meaningful to say.

"I think it's a very uplifting film and it has a really good heart," she said. "But, it also leads you there with laughs."

And, she help bring laughs to the set of the movie as well.

"[On] Friday night, karaoke was pretty exciting," said Witherspoon. "And there was lots of hidden talent revealed."

The actress is a big Dolly Parton fan, so it was natural that she sang "Nine to Five" on karaoke night.

But, the Hollywood star will not be quitting her day job to sing. She said stardom can be a positive and negative thing.

She explained the best part of stardom is traveling. And, a loss of anonymity is the worst aspect of being a celebrity.

"I think it's a deal you make, and you know when you are going into it," Witherspoon said. "But, there's hidden aspects [of being a celebrity] you're not aware of, like you don't think people are going to dig through your trash and stuff.

"Everybody has a different kind of job, and I think you just have to reconcile that in your mind. Once you choose to do this, that's your choice. And it really isn't fair to bellyache about it."