Lazy Sunday: Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week


1) In their latest video, the notorious Improv Everywhere troupe gathered several hundred people to spend a day at Coney Island/Brighton Beach dressed in black tie formal wear. The reactions from beachgoers are priceless:

2) Ever get frustrated with hitting the wrong keys when texting? This new infomercial claims to have the product that will solve all your texting woes -- a rubber thumb cover called Textees:

3) Not only do animals make for great viral videos, but any animal that has super dancing talent is a sure winner. Case in point: This dog dancing the merengue has gotten more than two million views in a week:

4) Arizona's Republican governor Jan Brewer -- made famous for signing Arizona's controversial immigration reform law -- found herself in the national spotlight again last week. This time, instead of defending Arizona's immigration law, she was at a complete loss for words during her first debate for reelection:

5) History was made in July when 4,000 people got together with 120,000 balloons to create the largest balloon fight ever in Provo, Utah. This Guinness World Record was also shot as part of a music video for singer/songwriter Kyle Andrews' song "You Always Make Me Smile":

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