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Laura's Wedding Day Advice To Jenna

First Lady Laura and President Bush will mark their 31st anniversary in November, but first there's the matter of daughter Jenna's wedding next month to look forward to.

Jenna is set to walk down the aisle with University of Virginia MBA student Henry Hager on May 10 at the Bush family ranch in Crawford, Texas. Some 200 guests are on the invites list.

On The Early Show Wednesday, Laura told co-anchor Laura Bush, "The main advice (for the big day) is just to be there and think about every single minute of it. It's easy to be swept up in the occasion and then not remember that much, and so I hope she'll savor every moment of it. I think it will be a really, really beautiful day, and we're excited about it."

Mrs. Bush and Jenna visited the show to discuss their new children's book.

"Read All About It" is all about the joys of reading.

Mrs. Bush's passion for education is well-known, and getting kids to read has become a mission. Both she and Jenna are former teachers.

They chatted about the book with Rodriguez, explained how they worked together, and discussed some issues revolving around the timing of the book's release.

After all: There's that wedding to plan!

To sample pages from the book, click here.

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