Laura Whitehurst Update: Two more say they had underage sex with Calif. teacher accused of having student's baby

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst
San Bernardino County DA's Office via CBS Los Angeles

(CBS) REDLANDS, Calif. - Police in Redlands, Calif. say they have identified two more alleged victims of Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, the teacher accused of giving birth to a child fathered by one of her teen students, CBS Los Angeles reports.

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After police arrested Whitehurst, officials said two more former male students came forward to say they had sexual relationships with her.

One of the alleged victims - now a 22-year-old Redlands man - reportedly said he had sexual relations with Whitehurst while he was a student in her English class at Redlands High School in 2007 and 2008.

According to the station, the man told police the relationship began with the two kissing in her classroom in 2007 and progressed into a sexual relationship which continued through the summer of 2008. He said the two would meet in Whitehurst's Redlands apartment.

Another alleged victim, then 14, also said he began a sexual relationship with Whitehurst in 2007, the station reports. He claims the two had sex in her classroom - before school - as well as in her apartment and car.

Police reportedly launched an investigation into Whitehurst's past when they said they learned a child she had given birth to in June was allegedly fathered by a then-16-year-old student at Citrus Valley High School.

Whitehurst was arrested July 1 for unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and was released after posting $25,000 bail later that evening.

Detectives are asking any additional victims to come forward. Anyone with information regarding the accusations against Whitehurst is asked to contact the Redlands Police Department at (909) 798-7681.

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