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Latest ISIS video showing British hostage a departure from others

Hostage John Cantlie appeared in a new video released online by ISIS, this time apparently in Mosul
Analysis of latest ISIS propaganda video 01:40

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has released a new propaganda video again featuring British hostage John Cantile. But this time the setting, and the tone are quite different from past videos.

"Hello, I'm John Cantlie, and today we're on top of the world in Mosul, overlooking the second largest city in Iraq," he says in beginning of the video. CBS News correspondent Juan Zarate gave analysis.

The video, he explains, looks and feels like a travel log with Cantile serving as travel guide. "Clearly, the video is trying to counter the impression that is given by the Western Media that there is chaos, oppression and lack of supplies in Mosul. And so what you see is a demonstration of ISIS control of the environment. Their ability to govern, control and police, and to provide health care."

In this photo, hostage John Cantile is depicted in an ISIS video as a guide rather than a captive. CBS News

Zarate said that the video could be a departure from the others intended to terrorize, and instead is an attempt to show an ability to govern and a legitimacy of the group. The video also demonstrates that ISIS is in control of not only the hostage, but the environment in Mosul.

This is the seventh video ISIS has used with Cantile in it. The last one was released in October, purportedly showing Cantile in the role of a reporter, in what appears to be the embattled town of Kobani. ISIS videos that have been released recently depicted the execution deaths of air worker Peter Kassig; American reporter James Foley; American-Israeli journalist Steven Sotloff; aid worker and former U.K. air force engineer David Haines; and Alan Henning, a taxi driver from northwest England, and aid worker in Syria.

As far as Cantile's condition, Cantile looks healthier and is not wearing the orange jumpsuit that he has in previous videos and even seems to be roaming freely on camera.

"Clearly, ISIS is using him as propaganda; as a pawn- and they will continue to do so," said Zarate. "In some ways that is good news for him to the extent that he proves valuable to them alive.

In general he looks better, but God only knows the conditions he's suffering under."

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