Landlord's throat slashed, face burned in Brooklyn murder

Mahuddin Mahmud was found dead with a slashed neck and burned face in the basement of a Brooklyn, N.Y. building where he was landlord
CBS New York

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Police are attempting to locate a young man for questioning after his landlord was found dead with his throat slashed and face burned early Tuesday morning, reports CBS New York.

Mahuddin Mahmud, 57, was discovered in his basement office in Brooklyn by his younger brother, Hanif.

Hanif Mahmud had difficulty identifying the corpse, bloodied and burned in the face with a deep cut across the throat, as his brother. 

Police are seeking Rasel Siddiquee, 27, for questioning.

“There’s an apartment in the basement of the building that was rented to an individual who we would like to talk with,” said police commissioner Bill Bratton.

Authorities arrived at the scene at 12:18 a.m. Tuesday morning, where they found an emptied safe in the basement office near where the body was found. The victim’s two brothers said the contents of the safe could have been up to $20,000.

Mahuddin Mahmud rented out an electronics business and worked out of his basement office, dealing in check-cashing and currency. He came to Brooklyn from Bangladesh and had a wife and two young boys, 4 and 9.

A man named Robert, who owns the building next door, told CBS New York, “[He] came to this country to make something for himself and succeeded – a very nice guy. It breaks my heart what happened.”