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Lady Gaga's Revelations Calculated?

Vocal powerhouse Lady Gaga has mesmerized us all with her dramatic performances, her carnivorous fashion sense, and clever jabs at the paparazzi -- but is her way of capturing audiences -- and attention -- all planned?

There's no doubt she works hard at her craft, but some critics suggest her talents may include calculating her fame as well.

Maxim magazine Editor-in-Chief Joe Levy sat down with "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill to discuss Lady Gaga's interview with Anderson Cooper, which will air on "60 Minutes" this Sunday.

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Hill points out that, while the superstar is at the top of her game, she mentions in the interview that everybody is waiting to see her fail.

"She's not planning for failure," Levy says. "But she's piquing our interest by saying this. And she's right. Lady Gaga is so interesting because she's built her whole career," Levy says.

"Look, she called her album 'Fame.' Her whole career is built around fame and she knows we live in the age of TMZ. We love to see a video of someone falling down coming out of a club. It's a theme in her work, this whole idea of fame and communication, and pleasures and problems," Levy adds.

Hill calls Lady Gaga "very calculated" in what she does.

"She clearly knows how to grab a headline. She clearly knows what she's saying," Hill said, citing the "60 Minutes" interview.

When Cooper asks Lady Gaga, "So what should I call you? Do I call you Lady? Do I call you Gaga?"

She says, "Call me Gaga."

"Does anyone call you Stefanie?" Cooper asks.

"Yes, some people do. Especially in bed," Gaga says.

"In bed?" Cooper asks. "You don't like them yelling out Lady Gaga?"

"No," the pop star says.

"She knows exactly what she's saying any time. Stefanie is her given name, for people who don't know," Hill adds.

Does this come as a surprise?

"I think she was flirting with Anderson Cooper. I think she gave in to the silver-haired charm of Anderson Cooper," Levy joked. "No, it doesn't surprise me at all. Who wants to be called by their stage name at an intimate moment? But at the same time I almost feel as though she's planned every bit of this out.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we find a document where three years ago she said 'I like to be called Stephanie in intimate moments and I'm going to say that to Anderson Cooper right before the Grammys, because it makes you interested,"' Levy said.

"She is very careful and calculated and she grants very few interviews. So how many more revealing moments will we have? Because she really goes kind of deep with him," Hill asks.

"That's right," Levy replied. "And I think that this is the moment where she's so established as a star -- people pay so much attention to what shoes she's wearing that she knows she's got to give us a few personal tidbits," Levy says. "She's got to begin to open up about her personal life right now for us to stay interested in, well, she happens to have a new record coming out soon!"

"Oh! The synergy!" Hill adds.