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Kyron Horman Stepmom Arrest "Inevitable"

Kyron Horman has been missing for seven weeks. The 7-year-old went missing on June 4, and since then, law enforcement have increased the reward money for information to track down the young boy, and they're still asking for the public's help.

CBS News correspondent Priya David Clemens reported from Skyline Elementary, Kyron's school in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday. She said a wall of mementos has been placed by classmates and friends and continues to grow, even as the search to find him seems to be stalled.

Arrest Imminent in Kyron Horman Search?

Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, pleaded again recently for her son's whereabouts, telling reporters, "We want to expedite the search, bring him home and bring justice."

Young said the family is "still very hopeful."

Though Multnomah County authorities spoke for the first time in three weeks on Tuesday, they gave few new details.

One official said, "This is criminal behavior because these parents have been deprived of their son for 53 days."

Officials announced the reward money has been doubled to $50,000, and they've received more than 3,500 tips.

However, Clemens reported, the lack new information may not mean the case is stalled.

C.W. Jensen, a former homicide detective, told CBS News, "They want all the marbles, and when they have probable cause for 'the homicide,' then they're gonna move forward."

Clemens pointed out police have issued at least three search warrants to friends of Kyron's stepmother, Terri Horman. One of them, DeDe Spicher, was also brought before a Portland grand jury. But officers have not publicly confirmed they are investigating Terri Horman.

Jensen explained, "She is the suspect, was the suspect, and will be the suspect until she's arrested and is the defendant."

Clemens asked Jensen, "Is there a possibility that Terri Horman was not involved?"

Jensen replied,"I cannot imagine a scenario where she was not involved."

Kyron's birth parents continue to doubt Terri, and they now are holding on to whatever optimism they have left.

Kyron's mother said in a recent statement, "We love you Kyron. Never give up hope. We are coming to get you to bring you home."

Clemens added the family could be waiting for months. She said experts have said while everyone wants answers, this case is a marathon, not a sprint.

Bruce McCain, former captain of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, appeared on "The Early Show" from Portland, Ore., on Wednesday. He's been following this case very closely, and is also an attorney.

McCain said the distressed emotional state of Kyron's mother was of particular interest at the press conference, considering her composed interviews previously.

"When Desiree (Young) approached the podium, she was visibly upset in a way we haven't seen before. As I carefully listened to the prepared statements from the two sheriffs people as well as Desiree's prepared script, what struck me was the fact that whenever Kyron's name was mentioned yesterday, about bringing him home or finding him, never once was it ever mentioned in the context of being alive. I think that's somewhat significant given their past statements and given the sheriff's statement last week in writing where they could not answer affirmatively they have any information to believe kyron is alive. We may have turned the corner with how the family feels here."

But is the time that passed or some kind of information that's perhaps changing this family's feeling?

McCain said, "The sheriff's office said they don't have any information to lead them to believe he is alive. They had a chance to fix that or clarify that yesterday and they chose not to. But seven weeks, no answers, no information. Desiree just seemed to have reacted yesterday much harsher than some of her well-composed interviews."

McCain said the press conference held on Tuesday was about giving "noninformation."

"It accomplished absolutely nothing," he said. "They could have done this on YouTube and saved the taxpayers' money. I cannot tell you how overly frustrated the media are here with this nonevent, especially since they billed it as an opportunity to give an update and address the written questions and answers. They did none of that yesterday."

As for Terri Horman, Kyron's stepmother, McCain called her arrest "inevitable."

"The reason is, is that this is now in the hands of the Multnomah grand jury," he said. "That's a slow, methodical process where they go over affidavits, hear testimony, so everyone is clamoring for an imminent arrest but an arrest starts a prosecution. In this case, the district attorney who is overseeing this case not going to push forward until he's confident he has a package he can take to trial and secure a conviction or guilty plea. He's not going to stand on a mere probable cause. He wants more."