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'King Kong' Star Gets The Girl

Who cares about Oscar?

Jack Black, whose star turn in "King Kong" failed to turn heads at the Academy, has found another, better reason to celebrate.

He got the girl, and unlike the unlucky ape, he expects to live happily ever after.

Black, 36, reportedly "eloped" a couple of weeks ago to Big Sur where he and Tanya Haden, 34, said their vows.

That's according to Haden's stepmother, Ruth Cameron, who says the couple followed up their nuptials with a party last weekend to celebrate their new life with friends and family.

The romance is relatively new – the two started dating only last year. Haden – a cellist, artist and animator who worked on the 2001 film "Lint People" – was on Black's arm last December at the premiere for King Kong.

But they've known each other a lot longer than that.

Black and Haden met back in the days when they were students at Crossroads High School, a private school in Santa Monica, California.

Black's publicist, Matthew Labov, declined to confirm or deny news of the marriage, which was first reported on People magazine's web site.

"They love each other very much. We're thrilled," Tanya's dad, jazz musician Charlie Haden, told People.

Black, who has dozens of TV and movie credits, burst into the public eye as the often-dumped record store owner in "High Fidelity" in 2000 and the aspiring rock star-turned-teacher in "School of Rock" in 2003, a role hitting close to home for Black, who has his own band and wrote three songs for the movie.

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