Where is Kim Jong-un?

BEIJING - The dictator of North Korea was a no-show at one of his country's biggest celebrations last night. CBS News reports there's good reason to wonder what's happened to Kim Jong Un.

Kim has not been seen in public since Sept. 3, when he attended a concert with his wife.

Speculation about Kim has mounted since the 30-something dictator was shown this summer walking with a limp and the state TV announcer confirmed he was "not feeling well." But there's been no further information, so rumors fill the void.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang, July 27, 2014. KCNA/REUTERS

Reports suggest Kim may have "pulled a tendon" or hurt his leg. There are other rumors the rotund leader is suffering from gout. And a British tabloid even wrote about a possible obsession with Emmental cheese to explain his weight gain.

North Korea watchers are questioning if he's still in charge. North Korea is a volatile state with nuclear ambitions that's threatened an all-out war against the U.S.

When Kim skipped a top level meeting in South Korea Saturday, there were more fears there might have been a power shift.

The Supreme Leader is not exactly shy. When we were in North Korea, we saw him a number of times. Kim has disappeared for weeks before, but never for this long.

But the only certainty is the longer he is out of public view, the more speculation will swirl.