Kids react to the Charlie Sheen saga

kids react to charlie sheen

(CBS) - Who? Oh yeah, Charlie Sheen. It seems we just can't get rid of the part-time performer, full-time crazy person. Opinions are divided over Charlie's recent behavior (though opinions universally suggest staying away from his live show.) But, as with all things, it's important to take a step back and remind ourselves it's not about what we think. It's about what the kids think. Take it away, kids.

10-year-old Megan pretty much sums it up: "I think he's coco bananas." Sounds about right. We can also take heart in the fact that some of the children don't even know who the scary chain-smoker on TV is. Children are our future, and it doesn't look like Charlie will be "winning" that future. Also, thanks for supporting CBS, kids! And thanks once again to The Fine Brothers for another funny clip.