Kids react to "planking" and other odd new trends

(CBS) - So I'm not sure if you've heard of this crazy new trend called "planking." Okay, of course you have. Who hasn't at this point, right? But what do the kids thing of this odd, new fad? Find out in The Fine Brothers' latest episode "Kids React To Planking".

So do the kids find "planking" a bit odd? Mixed reactions, but it appears largely so. But do they think it's cool? Oddly enough, yeah, a lot of them do. Go figure.

Along with "planking" there is also a look at "teapotting", "horsemanning" and other crazes that have been sweeping the net lately. This might even be a new trend! Call it "reacting." If you'd like to check out more of The Fine Brothers' oh-so-fine series of "Kids React", you can check out their YouTube page by clicking here.