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Kelly Preston: Cruise Has A Point

In the new family film "Sky High," Kelly Preston plays a modern-day mom who also happens to be a superhero. Her main problem is that her son doesn't think he has any power, which is hard on her superhero husband, played by Kurt Russell.

In real life, Preston has said that if she really did have superpowers, she would end world hunger and also stop the "drugging of children." So, during her interview Friday on The Early Show, co-anchor Hannah Storm asked her what she means by that.

"There are over 8 million kids being drugged today," said the actress. "The rates are going up at such an alarming level, if they keep going up, in 10 years, 40 million of our kids will be on these drugs.

"Something is going on here. I just want parents to have all the information, because it's become so public in the last month."

With Tom Cruise?

"Yeah, being so vocal," Preston said of her fellow Scientologist. "Really, it is on the forefront of everybody; it is a topic of conversation. But the FDA, since this time, has issued two warnings that these drugs cause suicides, violence... and that they need to do a lot more studies and have more severe warnings."

When Storm pointed out that Cruise has taken a lot of heat for his position on drugs, Preston replied evenly, "He's got an lot of support, though, too."

Since they are both Scientologists, does Preston feel that Cruise has furthered the cause?

"It doesn't matter what your religion is. It doesn't really matter," said Preston. "It affects all of us, because it affects our kids. So it is wonderful that, you know, if he's a Scientologist, he's speaking out. I happen to be a Scientologist, but I've got friends who are Jewish, Christian, Baptist. It doesn't really matter."

But, Storm wanted to know, does Preston understand why some parents are upset by such an anti-drug stand? That many parents feel these drugs help their children?

"As long as you can make an informed decision, because I've talked to parents who lost their kids, too. Quite a few of them. Or the last eight school shooters were on these drugs," the actress replied. "It just needs to be explored far more. I think it is just as important to give parents all the information, not just the information from the industry that benefits from drugging the kids."

Getting back to the movie, "Sky High," Storm mentioned that it looks as if Preston had a lot of fun working with Kurt Russell.

"He is just adorable," reported Preston. "He's playful, very down-to-earth. We had an absolute blast."

The actress explained that the movie's title, "Sky High," refers to "a school for superhero kids up in the sky. So it's very 'Jetsons.' They've got their own powers up there. It is very much like regular high school where you have to deal with the cliques and 'Where do I fit in? Am I a superhero or a sidekick?'"

At this school, the superheroes are the cool kids. The actress who plays the school principal is Lynda Carter, who made her name playing the superhero "Wonder Woman" on TV. Storm noted that Carter, "the queen of all superheroes...looked amazing in her costume back in the day." And Preston gets her turn in "Sky High."

Storm wanted to know, "How tight was that superhero outfit?"

Preston responded, "It was so incredibly tight. It took two women in the morning to get me into that; 23 minutes, I think, we got it down to. It is neoprene, like a wet suit."

She also told Storm that her whole family, husband John Travolta and their two children, love the movie.

"It is just so cool," Preston said. "I love doing films that they can see and you can see together. And they're so excited. You know, I play Jet Stream. I was, like, running around the house, Jet Stream."

Some Facts About Kelly Preston

  • Born Oct. 13, 1962, in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • During her teens, she spent two years in Australia, where she first appeared in television commercials
  • 1980: Moved to Los Angeles to study at USC
  • 1982: Made her first regular television appearance on the CBS daytime serial, "Capitol," while attending UCLA the same year
  • 1983: Was a series regular on "For Love and Honor"
  • 1986: Co-starred in "Space Camp" and met future husband Kevin Gage (since divorced)
  • 1987: First worked with John Travolta, whom she married in 1991, on "The Experts"
  • 1991: Made her television movie debut in "The Perfect Bride"
  • 1996: Had breakthrough roles in "Jerry Maguire" and "Citizen Ruth"
  • 1997: Played Matthew Broderick's ex-girlfriend in "Addicted to Love"
  • 1998: Co-starred with Eddie Murphy and Jeff Goldblum in "Holy Man"; played the female lead in "Jack Frost"
  • 1999: Co-starred in Billy Bob Thornton's "Daddy and Me"; co-starred opposite Kevin Costner in "For Love of the Game"
  • 2000: Co-starred in the feature "Battlefield Earth"
  • 2003: Had a role in Gwyneth Paltrow's "View From The Top"; played the mother to Amanda Bynes' character in "What a Girl Wants"
  • 2004: Her film, "Eulogy," was released by Lions Gate Films.