Keeping Up On A Busy Day

A busy day in politics, here's a cheat sheet to follow along with:
  • The White House says President Bush's comment on appeasement wasn't directed at Barack Obama but Democrats across the board aren't buying it and are pushing back hard. See the story here. McCain asks why Obama wants to meet with Ahmadinejad.
  • John McCain envisions the world as he'd like it in 2013, after four years of his presidency. It includes the end of the war in Iraq and the return of most U.S. forces by that time. Much different than the "100 years" war he's been tagged with. Also coming in 2013 – economic growth, a "league of democracies" and weekly "ask the president" sessions. Check it out here.
  • Gay marriage explodes back onto the political agenda as the California Supreme Court overturns a voter-approved ban. In 2004 the issue claimed a top spot on the political agenda, will it be there once again? Read about the decision here.
  • Hillary Clinton keeps on the radar screen by stumping in – South Dakota.
  • Obama picked up three more superdelegates today: Rep. Jim McDermott, Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. Howard Berman.
  • According to the CBS News delegate count, Obama is now just 137 total delegates away from reaching the 2,025 needed to win the nomination. Obama stands at 1,888 total delegates compared to 1,711 – 314 away from the 2,025 number.