Katie Couric's Notebook: Women At War

Hi, everyone.

President Bush has often said the War on Terror is unlike any other -- and that goes for the people who are fighting it, too.

The two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have seen a larger deployment of women than ever before -- more than 155,000 of them. That means more women soldiers bravely serving their country -- and facing the dangerous uncertainty of this kind of war: suicide bombers, ambushes, insurgent attacks.

Women are also facing combat-related stress and - most chillingly - rape. The Veterans Administration says about one in five U.S. service women report being physically attacked. Sometimes the wounds go very deep, with women veterans coming home with a higher rate of psychological trauma than men.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a toll on thousands of our soldiers. But it's worth remembering: more than ever before, those soldiers are women.

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