Katie Couric's Notebook: The Next President?

Hi, everyone.

Is America ready for a President who is not a white man?

With all the attention focused on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Newsweek looked at that question.

According to a poll they conducted, 86 percent of voters would support a "qualified woman" for president.

93% would vote for a "qualified African American."

Of course, these polls aren't always reliable -- people often tell pollsters one thing and do another.

Still, the odds may be better for a woman: more than 40 countries have already chosen women as heads of state, and 51% of Americans are women.

CBS News consultant Douglas Brinkley told us it's taken over two centuries for women and minorities to "crawl their way into the political arena" -- in part, because the founding fathers were all white men of European descent.

But for the first time, the notion of a woman or African American president is at least a possibility…and possibility is what our country is all about.

That's a page from my notebook.