Katie Couric's Notebook: Nobel Prize

It's a prestige pantheon that includes the world's most accomplished political and moral leaders: the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mother Teresa won it in 1979 for her tireless work with the poor and the sick. Nelson Mandela won in 1993 for transforming a racially segregated South Africa. And Al Gore won in 2007 for a lifelong commitment to protecting planet Earth.

Today it was announced that the 2009 Peace Prize will go to President Barack Obama.

It was a startling piece of news, considering he had been in office for just 12 days before the nominations were due.

The award clearly signals hope from the international community - that a new day has dawned in America - and that President Obama's global approach has been welcomed.

But just nine months into his first term, it seems more like an investment - a futures trade from the Nobel committee - on the promise of what they might see one day - from the man who now literally has the world on his shoulders.

That's a page from my notebook.

I'm Katie Couric, CBS News.