Katie Couric's Notebook: Homeless Kids

Katie's off today. This is Randall Pinkston.

Every year, more than one million American children experience homelessness, according to a recent study. That's one in 50. Perhaps a parent got laid off and there was no money for rent, or maybe the family home was lost to a bank foreclosure. Whatever the reason, it's a story that keeps repeating in cities all around the country.

These children aren't all living in cardboard boxes or sleeping under a bridge. Many are in temporary shelters or motel rooms, often in cramped and uncomfortable situations that are a long way from a real home. Those who are able to stay in school may show side effects like low self-esteem and lower grades. The emotional scars they are developing could be there for many years to come.

With two million additional home foreclosures expected in the coming months, we could see more kids with no space to call their own, children who are forced to bear the burden of adult problems, though they share none of the blame.