Katie Couric's Notebook: Haiti

Hello everyone. Katie's on assignment in Haiti.

It is a heartbreaking contrast. Donations for earthquake relief are coming in faster than right after Hurricane Katrina and the Asian tsunami. That's partly because technology is making it easier. The Red Cross has already raised more than eight million dollars ... ten bucks at a time ... just from people who texted the word "Haiti" to 90999.

But the system for distributing the aid is very low-tech. Roads are damaged and many of the charity workers based there are now victims themselves. With no one taking charge, desperately needed supplies are sitting in warehouses while the homeless and hungry roam the streets searching for help. Some are turning violent to survive.

As many as 10,000 U.S. troops will be in Haiti by Monday to help hand out aid, but for people who have no food and no water ... that might as well be next month. This will be a very long weekend.

I'm Kelly Wallace, CBS News.