Katie Couric's Notebook: Gonzales

Hi, everyone.

Today, the ex-chief of staff to Alberto Gonzales swore under oath that his former boss was wrong when he said he wasn't involved in firing eight U.S. Prosecutors last year.

According to Kyle Sampson, he and the Attorney General held at least five meetings on the subject.

Not only that, Sampson told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Gonzales was ALSO wrong when he said his aides hadn't been fully briefed on the firings. Sampson says they were and he personally gave information to anyone who asked.

After hearing that, Democratic Senator Charles Schumer said that Gonzales' credibility has been - quote - "completely shattered."

Republican Arlen Specter said the Justice Department is in a "state of disrepair, even dysfunction" because of Gonzales.

Maybe the White House spokesperson said it best: Gonzales will have to speak for himself.

That's a page from my notebook.