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Katie Couric To Star on "Glee"


What could be the world's largest cuckoo clock was unveiled in Hollywood on Saturday.

The clock stands 60-feet tall and every hour a live actor emerges dressed as a cuckoo bird, performing a comedy act.

The clock is part of a promotional campaign by Kellogg's.

Billed as the jail of the future, China's first environmentally-friendly prison is getting flak.

Now almost six months old, it's being criticized for providing prisoners with better living conditions than most law-abiding citizens.

The facility features a green roof, solar water heaters and natural lighting.

Proving that video games aren't just for kids, an 85-year-old Wisconsin man holds the Guinness Book world record for the most perfect games in Wii bowling.

John Bates says he started bowling perfect games after adopting a "two-handed" technique.

And, our very own Katie Couric is going back to high school.

A new promo for FOX's musical comedy "Glee" shows Katie dancing and even interviewing Sue Sylvester.

Look for the "CBS Evening News" anchor to guest star on the post-Super Bowl episode of the hit show.

Finally, a blast from the past.

In this YouTube video from a 1994 episode of "The Today Show," then-anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel try to figure out just what the Internet is.

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