Kanye West, Jamie Foxx Take Spotlight

kayne and jamie
CBS/The Early Show
It's the final countdown to the Grammy Awards and one of the superstar moments will be when Kanye West and Jamie Foxx join forces to perform their hit song, "Gold Digger."

West goes into tonight's ceremony with eight nominations, including Album of the Year for "Late Registration" and Best Song for "Gold Digger," a collaboration with Foxx, who is also a Grammy nominee this year.

The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen is in Los Angeles, where she caught up with both of the stars as they prepare for their night in the spotlight.

West says the Grammys are a double opportunity, both to bring home the trophies and to get his message heard.

"The Grammys is the Super Bowl," he told Chen. "What is more important: to play or to be in the Super Bowl? You want to play in the Super Bowl. You want to sing where you can have the loudest voice."

Jamie Foxx has become a huge-selling singer himself. His album "Unpredictable" is perched at the top of the R&B charts and he's nominated for his performance of "Creepin' " on the Luther Vandross tribute CD.

And he's watching with awe as West climbs the ladder of success.

"I watch this young man, and we have private conversations about certain things, about his stratospheric rise to the top, and what I try to tell him to do is just have fun," Foxx said.

And West is certainly not short on ambition. Right now he's got his eye on the gold.

"I want to win Album of the Year," he told Chen. And if he doesn't? "Then you still can talk to me. But if I win, don't talk to me," he joked.