Survivor of deadly Kansas bar shooting recalls "bodies dropping" and "bone-chilling" screams

Survivor recalls deadly Kansas bar shooting

A manhunt is intensifying in Kansas for one of two suspects in a deadly shooting at a crowded bar early Sunday morning. Police say Hugo Villanueva-Morales is armed and dangerous.

They announced overnight the arrest of the second suspect, Javier Alatorre. They're accused of killing four people and wounding five others early Sunday morning inside the Tequila KC Bar in Kansas City, Kansas.

Dozens were at the community watering hole for a typical Saturday night out when the scene suddenly turned deadly.

"When it hit me, it felt like I got hit by a damn bus," said shooting victim Michael Barajas.

Barajas was among the five people injured, a bullet still lodged in his shoulder, after police say two gunmen started shooting just a half-hour before closing time Sunday morning, killing four men.

"I was there with my cousin," Barajas told CBS News lead national correspondent David Begnaud. "I just heard about, like, four shots. When I turned over to the right, I just seen the arm swing up and see a flash. And I'd seen it point straight at me, and I tried to kind of turn, but there was no getting out of the way. It hit me.

Shooting suspects Javier Alatorre and Hugo Villanueva-Morales. CBS News

"It ended up going into my back, hitting my shoulder blade, and fracturing my shoulder blade."

Police say the first suspect got into an argument earlier that evening. The bartender told him to leave.

"Right then and there, he picked up a cup that was right there and threw it at me," said bartender Jose Valdez.

He returned hours later with an accomplice, both armed with handguns. "He just walked in and looked for who he was looking for, and then just started shooting," said Valdez.

For many attending a vigil for the victims Sunday evening, the emotions were still raw.

One vigil-goer said, "One of the guys that died I was playing pool with."

Barajas said the small bar was packed with about 40 people inside.

When asked to describe his experience, Barajas said it was "horrifying. The screams afterwards, just, they're bone-chilling. Seeing bodies drop, and you know, it's something you usually watch in the movies, you're seeing [it] in real life."

The bar usually has a security guard on Saturday nights, but this weekend he failed to show up. Images form the bar's security cameras helped identify the suspects.

The four people killed were Hispanic, two of them Mexican nationals, but police do not believe the shooting was racially-motivated.