Justice is Served: Tax-Cheat Restaurant Owner Ordered to Deliver Free Pizza

NY Restaurateur's Tax-evasion Sentence: Deliver Pizza To Poor Once Each Week For A Year

BUFFALO, N.Y. (CBS/AP) Think of it as creative way to deliver justice.

A restaurant owner was ordered to feed pizza to the poor as punishment for cheating New York out of sales tax.

Casa-Di-Pizza owner Joseph Jacobbi, of Buffalo, could have been sent to prison after pleading guilty to third-degree grand larceny.

But instead, The Buffalo News reports a state Supreme Court judge thought the city would be better served if Jacobbi fed its neediest.

He sentenced Jacobbi to deliver 12 sheet pizzas from his popular restaurant to the City Mission once a week for a year.

The 57-year-old Jacobbi has repaid about half of the $104,000 in sales tax authorities say he withheld from New York over the course of four years. He must still make monthly payments to cover the rest, so this is a sentence with everything.