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Julianne Hough: Hollywood's Dancing Star

Julianne Hough has won "Dancing With the Stars" twice, broke up with her fiancé and faced rumors that she broke up dance partner Helio Castroneves' engagement - all that and she is just 19 years old.

In an interview with CosmoGirl!, the youngest winner of "Dancing With the Stars" dished on her relationship with her ex and her move to Hollywood.
Hough, who is from Salt Lake City, told the magazine that the glamour of Hollywood attracted her and caused her to break up a relationship that was important to her.

"I actually broke up with my fiancé because I felt I was young, and I wanted to experience the Hollywood life. He's the right guy. It's just the wrong time," she said.

But she is not willing to sacrifice everything, even if it means that she remains a Hollywood outsider.

"I tried to go out and mingle with people in the industry and date people, but I felt I was different than most of them. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, so those things immediately separated me. It's all very enticing though," she said.

2Hough's "Dancing With the Stars" fame meant she had to experience another drawback of living in Hollywood when rumors surfaced that she broke up the engagement of Helio Castroneves, the racecar driver who won DWTS with her last season.

"After I won DWTS with Helio, it really bothered me that there was a picture of me on the cover of People (asking if I wrecked his engagement). I would never want to be perceived that way!" she said. "Every partner I've had, the relationship has been purely professional."

Her appearances in the tabloids caused her to sympathize with those who are more famous than she is.

"I did go on a couple of dates with Kevin (Connelly), and he got me a ring I had talked about wanting to buy, but it had no relationship significance," she said. "All the rumors have made me sympathetic to the stars who are in those magazines every week, like Britney Spears. When I saw those pictures of her being taken to the hospital, my heart just broke."

The new issue of CosmoGirl! hits stands April 17.

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