Judge: County must pay legal bills of 3-time murder defendant

David Camm, released from prison after 13 years following his acquittal in the murder of his wife and two children, hugs his aunt, Debbie Ter Vree
"48 Hours"
ROCKPORT, Ind. - A judge has ordered a southern Indiana county auditor to immediately pay about $140,000 in unresolved legal bills for the defense of a former state trooper acquitted of charges he killed his wife and two young children.

Special Judge Jon Dartt on Wednesday ordered Floyd County Auditor Scott to pay the amount to settle most of disputed claims presented by attorneys who represented David Camm during his third murder trial last fall.

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In October 2013, A central Indiana jury acquitted Camm in October in the 2000 murder deaths of his wife, Kim, and their two children, Brad and Jill. Camm had been convicted twice before in the case, but both of the previous convictions were overturned on appeal.

Another man, Charles Boney, was convicted of the murders and is serving a life sentence.