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Join conference calls with a single click

Plantronics -- the company that probably made every headset you've ever worn in an office -- is pitching a new way to streamline your meeting-filled day. Their new smartphone app, InstantMeeting, is a one-touch conference call manager. The premise: Never dial a conference call and fumble for the access code ever again. InstantMeeting does everything for you with a single tap.

I was expecting InstantMeeting to be some sort of conference-system alternative, like the Web-based Call My Team or, both of which I discussed some time ago. InstantMeeting is a different sort of product, though. Instead of replacing your existing conference-call system, this app improves whatever you already have. Plan and lead meetings from the web
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When you install InstantMeeting on your phone (there are versions for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and even your desktop version of Outlook), it searches your calendar and find all your upcoming conference calls. The program recognizes all the pertinent details, including the dial-in number, scheduled time and access codes. At the scheduled time, a reminder offers the ability to dial in with a single tap or click. You don't have to dial the number or mess with the access code. The app does all the work for you, and it works superbly.

InstantMeeting costs $5 for the iPhone, $3 for Android or BlackBerry. To avoid entering long strings of numbers when you need to get on a call, it's worth every penny.

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