John Turturro replacing Robert De Niro in James Gandolfini's "Criminal Justice" role

Writer/director/actor John Turturro attends the "Fading Gigolo" party during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival at The Parlor on Sept. 7, 2013, in Toronto, Canada. 
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

There's been another casting change on the HBO miniseries "Criminal Justice."

The project had originally been planned as a starring vehicle for James Gandolfini, with Robert De Niro stepping in after the "Sopranos" star's death last year. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, De Niro is exiting the series due to scheduling conflicts and John Turturro will be taking his place.

The seven-hour miniseries follows Jack Stone (Turturro), an ambulance-chasing New York City attorney who becomes involved in a case involving a young man accused of murdering a girl on the Upper West Side. An airdate hasn't yet been announced.

"Criminal Justice" was one of Gandolfini's last projects. Another one of his final projects, "The Drop" (previously titled "Animal Rescue"), opens later this year.

Turturro, whose previous roles include "O Brother, Where Art Though?" and "Quiz Show," can currently be seen in the film "Fading Gigolo," which he also wrote and directed.