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John Kasich piles on Donald Trump over convention "riots" comment

Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich sharply rebuked rival Donald Trump Thursday after the front-runner predicted "riots" would break out if a contested convention gave the GOP nomination to someone besides Trump.

In four consecutive posts to Twitter, Kasich criticized the language the billionaire used, calling it "unacceptable" and the sort of rhetoric "that's pulling people apart."

Earlier this week, Trump forecasted violent protests from his supporters if he didn't win the top slot on the Republican ticket after a contested convention in Cleveland this summer.

"I don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. I think you would have riots," Trump told CNN. "I think you would have riots."

Kasich, who beat the real estate mogul with an 11-point margin his home state's primary contest on Tuesday, continued his attack on Trump during an ABC News interview, slamming his comments as "completely outrageous."

"For somebody running for president of the United States to say -- to even imply that there could be violence if he doesn't get his way -- you know, he's not running for the presidency of WWE, he's running for president of the United States," Kasich said Thursday, referencing the popular wrestling organization.

Trump drew criticism for that prediction not only from his rivals, but also from party leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

""Nobody should say such things in my opinion because to even address or hint at violence is unacceptable," Ryan said at a press conference on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Donald Trump is saying that "bad things will ... 07:07

The Los Angeles Times' editorial board also published a snarky critique of Trump, admonishing the front-runner to "knock off the rabble rousing."

"Note to Donald Trump: Building a big lead in the primaries isn't the same as winning the nomination," the newspaper wrote in its opening paragraph. "Granted, it's your first time running for public office, so you might be unfamiliar with some of the intricacies."

"Your comments after Tuesday's primaries hinted that you feel entitled to the nomination even if you should fall short of a majority, just because you're doing so much better than the other guys," the Times continued. But, the editorial board pointed out that "winning isn't measured by how big your lead is over the other guys."

Becoming the nominee requires more than 50 percent of the delegate count via primary wins -- and failing that, the Times explained, it depends on "whether you can get there by persuading your opponents' delegates to come over to your side."

The paper concluded its editorial with a final newsflash for Trump: "Let's face it, many conservative pundits and office-holders don't want you to be the GOP's standard-bearer. You've still got some work to do if you're going to claim a mandate to represent Republicans in November."

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