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John Edwards to Testify about Sex Tape, Affair

Former presidential candidate John Edwards will testify under oath about his affair with former campaign employee Rielle Hunter, the Daily Beast reports.

In the case of Rielle Hunter v. Andrew Young, Edwards will likely discuss his romantic relationship with Hunter as well as the infamous sex tape in an attempt to get to the bottom of whether federal campaign funds were used to keep the extra-marital affair under wraps during the Democrat's run for president.

Attorneys for Hunter demanded Young return the sex tape and other personal items. Young discusses the contents of the tape in his bestselling tell-all, "The Politician." The items have reportedly been returned to Hunter.

Edwards has been notified that his deposition is set for "May 13, 2010, and the deposition of another witness on May 24, 2010," according to the Daily Beast.

There is some speculation that this witness will be Edwards's estranged wife Elizabeth, but there has not been any official confirmation.

The former North Carolina senator has confirmed that he is the father of Hunter's 2-year-old daughter Frances Quinn. He has denied any and all misuse of federal campaign funds.

Hunter said in an interview with GQ released Monday that she and Edwards have been in love from February 2006 until now.

Hunter said she told Edwards he shouldn't run for president. She suggested he at least wait until April 2007 because her intuition and astrology suggested he would have a difficult first three months of the year.

Elizabeth Edwards' cancer returned in March of that year. Hunter said John Edwards wanted to exit the race but that Elizabeth wanted to stay in. Hunter said, "I was shocked. I really viewed it as reckless."

John and Elizabeth Edwards are now separated.

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