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John Caudle, 14, Kills Parents Over Chores, Say Colo. Police

(Personal Photo)
(Personal Photo)
MONTE VISTA, Colo.(CBS/AP) Chores are never a teenager's favorite way to spend a fall afternoon, but for 14-year-old John Caudle chores were the motive for murder, Colorado police say.

Photo: John Caudle.

In an arrest affidavit, Caudle told investigators that on Oct. 26, 2009 he argued with his mother because he didn't want to do household chores like taking out the trash or cleaning his room. Then he said he went to a gun safe, removed two .22 caliber pistols and shot his mother dead.

Caudle said he then hid in a laundry room and shot his stepfather when he
walked past a short time later.

Family members found the bodies.

Photo: Tracy and Joanne Rinebarge.

After allegedly killing his parents, he spent the evening watching movies and playing on a computer.

The next morning, Caudle even drove his stepfather's truck to school, according to KUSA-TV.

His friends and teachers said that Caudle seemed "happy" the day after the murder, investigators said.

Authorities have charged Caudle as an adult in the slayings. He faces two counts of first-degree murder.

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