Joey McIntyre talks "Return of the Mac," NKOTB tour

New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre is back with his TV series, “Return of the Mac” on Pop TV, a division of CBS. He plays a version of himself, between jobs and looking for his next gig.

“I like to think an exaggerated form of myself. Maybe my friends would think, ‘No, you’re dead on, Joe. That’s you.’ But it’s been fun. It’s a scripted show. But my wife is nice enough to play my wife, and she never acted before. And she’s amazing in it. So it all worked out,” McIntyre said Tuesday on “CBS This Morning.”

In addition to executive producing the show, his kids also make appearances, which raises the question: Do fact and fiction ever blur together?

“A little bit. A little bit. But it’s sort of like, I guess the crux of it is, I hope any person with any kind of job can relate that. Sometimes you have to say yes when you really want to say no. Sometimes that gig that comes across the table isn’t quite what you want, but you hope that it leads to bigger and better things,” McIntyre said.

The singer is also “embracing the past” and going back on the road this summer with Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul for “The Total Package Tour.”

“I guess it’s like high school. Like people would look at their year books, you know what I mean? It’s a little kind of funny. At this point we look at it with open heart. All that nostalgia is kind of fun to look at,” McIntyre said.

With 10 hit records, McIntyre said the group is “lucky” to have a lot of songs to choose from.

Watch the video above to see what project McIntyre would want to tackle next.