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Job Hunting In Cyberspace

As the lazy days of summer grow shorter, some are more inclined to focus on their careers. Whether you're a CEO or recent college grad, using the Interent can help you land your dream job.

Peter Weddle, publisher of online recruiting newsletter Weddle's, explains how on CBS News This Morning.

There are more than 100,000 sites offering employment opportunities, from Black Collegian to The Irish Jobs Page. And the jobs offered are all at varying skill and experience levels.

According to Weddle, the Internet is the most important development in employment since the resume, because it gives people information and flexibility to take control of their own career.

People can now leap time and space and keep in touch with great jobs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The following are some popular Web sites that can help you in your job search:

TOP SEARCH SITES more than 250,000 jobs and not just high tech ones, but no postings from headhunters.
www.careerpath.comCarries classified ads from the 90 largest newspapers in the United States.
www.jobdirect.comCaters to college students seeking their first job.
www.coolworks.comFeatures jobs on cruise ships, dude ranches and other cool locales.

If you have a job and are looking for a better one, try a site with what's called a "job agent," Weddle says. A job agent is software that becomes your personal shopper. These sites protect your confidentiality, search for your dream job and send you a private email based on that profile.

Here are some of the best sites:


You can also put your credentials before a World Wide Web audience. But you will have to reconfigure your resume to send it out via cyberspace.

Most Web resume sites are free. Here's a few:


Remember: Use of the Internet is not a substitute for traditional job hunting techniques.

It should only be a supplement not a replacement, says Weddle, who is the author of Internet Resumes. And everything you post on the Internet is a public document, he warns.

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