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Jimmy Kimmel surprises tourists in Oscars prank, creates star Gary from Chicago

A busload of tourists got more than they bargained for when they ended up at the Oscars on Sunday as part of host Jimmy Kimmel’s prank. 

Kimmel clearly wanted to outdo any of his previous Oscar stunts when he bought the stunned tourists into the show; the tourists thought they were going to an exhibit on Oscar gowns. 

The prank created a social media hero: Gary from Chicago. Gary took to the spotlight very naturally in spite of wearing sweats and a baseball cap. He kissed Meryl Streep’s hand and held up his phone to take many, many photos. He even had an impromptu wedding with his fiancee, Vicky, whose purse he proudly carried throughout the stunt. Denzel Washington officiated and Jennifer Aniston provided her sunglasses as a wedding present. 

Gary, of course, was very enthusiastic when Kimmel invited the tourists to all touch Mahershala Ali’s brand-new Oscar, as well. 

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