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Jimmy Kimmel says he will file "official complaint" against Trump Organization

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel says he will file an "official complaint" with the federal government after finding that a number of Trump Organization products are made overseas.

The comedian and Trump critic said on Wednesday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that he had recently purchased a number of Trump-branded products sold through the Trump Organization website.

"Trump, as you know, wants to focus on America. American-made products and goods," Kimmel sais. "So I wondered — because I agree with that — how things were going on his family website,"

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Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., the president's two adult sons, currently run the Trump Organization. Kimmel joked that they take "this American thing very seriously" because "they're like a couple of American flags wearing hair gel."

President Trump promised to revive American manufacturing during the 2016 campaign and is in the process of implementing tariffs on some foreign-made goods. But Kimmel found that a number of Trump items sold via the website were made in other countries, including China. Some goods did not list the origin of the products, which could be a breach of federal laws that stipulate that foreign goods must say where they came from.

"This could be very expensive, not to mention, this has got to be embarrassing," Kimmel said. "Trump's whole platform is about supporting American companies. His company isn't even supporting America."

Kimmel then joked that a "simple oversight" is the likely reason some Trump products don't list a country of origin. "I'll just file an official complaint and I'll let them sort it out," he said."

Kimmel is not the first late night host to poke fun at the Trump Organization making products overseas. During the 2016 campaign, a Democratic ad played footage of David Letterman mocking Mr. Trump for importing his clothing products during an interview.