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Jimmy Kimmel is back to ruin the return to school for kids

(CBS News) School is back in session and, by no coincidence, so is Jimmy Kimmel with another one of his YouTube Challenges (aka kind of mean, but very funny pranks almost always aimed at kids). Did someone say they need new clothes for school? Let's watch and see what happens... 

"Won't somebody please think of the children!?!" Yeah, that just about sums up what happens almost every single time Kimmel comes back with another YouTube Challenge on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with this latest one aptly entitled "I Got My Kid a Horrible Back to School Outfit".

So, according to our running checklist here at The Feed, Jimmy Kimmel has managed to ruin Halloween, Christmas(twice!), eating in general and now the return to school for so many poor, innocent children across America (and with the help of their very own parents, adding salt to the wound).  What holiday or event will the late night comedian target next? Nobody knows.  I suppose kids everywhere will just have to wait in fear and try to stay vigilant in the meantime. To check out more videos from Jimmy Kimmel Live, you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.

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