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Jimmy Kimmel helps play cruel but hilarious Halloween prank on kids

(CBS) - It may be a few days since Halloween came and went, but Jimmy Kimmel was able to get in one last "trick" involving a lot of kids' treats from the holiday. Watch and see what happens.

Okay, okay, it's a bit cruel, but... c'mon, tell me you didn't laugh at some of the reactions of those kids. In all fairness, I know I would have definitely reacted the same way if someone stole my candy.

Oops, when I was a kid! I said when I was a kid, right? It's not like I still get dressed up and go trick-or-treating now that I'm an adult or anything... okay, seriously, don't mess with my Halloween candy.

And if you're looking for more post-Halloween fun, definitely be sure to check out our slideshow below.
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